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NEW!  Nailchemy Prophecy - Base Coat - 15ml

NEW! Nailchemy Prophecy - Base Coat - 15ml

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Base Coat - Prophecy™ Gel Polish

Base Coat is the perfect base for your Prophecy™ gel polish service. Creating a great base for your colour coats the Prophecy™ Base Coat is an essential part of your Nailchemy® Prophecy™ gel polish collection.

  • Free from HEMA, HPMA & Isobornyl Acrylate.
  • Beautiful Highly Pigmented colours.
  • Cool Cure Formula.
  • 100% Gel Formula.
  • Up to 3 weeks wear.
  • Made in EU.


  • Apply directly to the natural nail.
  • Cure with Nailchemy High Performance UV-LED Lamp for 60 Seconds.
  • Apply colour coats as required.
  • Finish with Tack Free Top.
  • Remove with Acetone.