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Ideal Pink Jimmy Gel - 13.5ml
Ideal Pink Jimmy Gel - 13.5ml

Ideal Pink Jimmy Gel - 13.5ml

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 Please note, the new JimmyGel bottles indicate a volume of 15 ml, yet the bottles can only safely hold 13.5 ml. By purchasing the JimmyGel at a reduced price, you acknowledge that you understand that the actual volume of JimmyGel in the bottle is only 13.5 ml. Products affected are: Soft Pink JimmyGel, Ideal Pink JimmyGel and Boomer White JimmyGel. Thank you for understanding.
✅ 4+ week wear, plus simple soak-off 

✅ Minimal filing for easy shaping
✅ Brush-bottle design saves time on extension services
✅ Formulated for use under any hard gel or soak-off gel
✅ LE is 9-FREE, HEMA Monomer-FREE, Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Gluten-Free

13.5 ml Ideal Pink Jimmy Gel