Foil Gel - 15ml

Foil Gel - 15ml

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Foil Gel - Our amazing Foil Transfer gel will transform your foil game completely. If you have ever struggled to get a full foil coverage design using transfer foil then the Nailchemy Foil gel is exactly what you need. 

From patterned foil to holographic and petrol to pastels your foils will love our foil gel and so will your clients.


  • Super sticky
  • Provides full foil coverage to your nail design
  • Can also be painted onto a nail using a detailer brush to create bespoke nail art designs with foil applied.
  • Cures in 30 seconds


  • Apply over basecoat/color coat.
  • Cure with UV-LED Lamp for 30 Seconds.
  • Apply your chosen foil and press down across the entire nail for full coverage.
  • Apply gel polish topcoat to finish.
  • For removal, use Acetone.