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Bewitched - Soak Off Gel Polish - 15ml

Bewitched - Soak Off Gel Polish - 15ml

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Bewitched is an amazing silver holographic glitter gel polish. A must-have colour in your Nailchemy® collection. Bewitched is packed with silver holo glitter and has the perfect consistency for perfect application. The glitter is just the right size to bling and the gel when applied finishes smooth.

Bewitched can be applied on its own over a base coat or over a colour coat of your choice, either way, we don't think you will be disappointed by how beautiful it is.


  • Apply over Base Coat.
  • Cure with UV LED Lamp for 30 Seconds.
  • Apply additional coats until the desired finish is achieved.
  • Complete with gel polish Top Coat
  • Remove with Acetone